• Preschool tap/ballet
  • Preschool tumbling
  • Tap
  • Ballet

  • Pointe
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Tumbling


As you are probably aware, one of the big events of the year is our annual recital. Participation in the recital isn’t mandatory. Your child may get the benefit of learning a dance routine even if he or she doesn’t wish to perform. We encourage everyone to participate as part of our curriculum, but no one is obligated in any way to do so. Participation in our recital requires learning a routine, paying a recital fee and purchasing a costume. Recital fees pay for the auditorium and production costs, and enable you to invite as many people as you wish without having to sell tickets or ask guests to pay an admission fee. Recital fees are due October 31st, and will be posted in September. Recital fees are nonrefundable.


Costumes for the recital are ordered in January and must be paid for in full before they will be ordered. Recital costumes will be selected during class time in December. Costume fees are due January 12, 2017.  Costume fees are nonrefundable.


It is important that your child attends class on a regular basis. Children get sick and conflicts sometimes arise, but if absenteeism is kept to a minimum, it will greatly enhance your child’s progress. Unnecessary absences can turn a positive experience into a stressful one.


You will be contacted by email if the weather causes us to cancel your child’s class. You may also call the studio to check on cancellations.


There is no eating or drinking in our lobby. Children who are in our lobby need to refrain from running, talking loudly and playing in the restrooms.